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Betboro - Not Recommended

We no longer recommend betting with this bookmaker. If you're looking for an alternative place to bet, check out our list of new betting sites here.

Betboro is a site that is really pulling at the leash. It might be a fairly young online bookmaker in comparison to the early adopters, but it is pushing boundaries in terms of market range and depth at the same time as offering an enviable website.

What it lacks in personality it more than makes up for in usability, and the website features give a lot of control to the user with more flexibility than you usually find.

Alongside the impressive sportsbook a casino and live casino lie in wait. These are more recent additions but are certainly not an afterthought, boasting plenty of top titles from the industry’s favourite game developers.

It’s a great place to bet that is akin to a great pub that sits just off the high street, so you can always get a seat but you don’t have to compromise on the selection of goods, the décor, or the atmosphere.

Live Betting

Betboro Live Betting

Those of you that like to sit down for a bit of a live sports betting session will find a lot to love about Betboro’s in-play set up.

The overall website design lends itself to this sort of thing and the interface feels very professional with distinct areas of screen space designated to specific things while in event view. There is the match graphic giving you moment by moment updates as well as match stats; there are the betting lines themselves which are split into types and even the way they are displayed can be customised to a point; you can also browse basic details of all the other games and sports that are currently going on at the same time without leaving the event you are most interested in.

Of course, multi-view is another option that not all bookies have, allowing the punter to select a number of key fixtures that they can view side by side and see what’s going on, place bets, and view stats. This platform really delivers for the live bettor.

The live calendar is useful too in the planning of these betting sessions, and with cash out available, live streaming on some events, and plenty of events from different groups available as combi’s, Betboro really have covered every angle here.


Betboro LogoBetboro hit the scene back in 2013 originally as a sportsbook only, but it didn’t take them long to develop and launch their own casino and live casino as well, which makes sense when they had so many daily visitors to their website who might like to diversify their betting.

The company are owned and managed by Webmedia Development N.V, based in Berlin, and can probably be considered as more of an independent bookie since their parent company runs no other online gambling businesses.

As a business that operates in many countries around the world, Betboro can also be seen as an international bookmaker with betting lines, odds types, and website/support languages to suit. This is also something that makes them a little more interesting than your average UK focussed new online sportsbook.

And no, there is absolutely no link to Middlesbrough whatsoever. The origins of the company name are a mystery to me.


Betboro MarketsIt’s an interesting one this; a sportsbook with an international pedigree and a very professional interface, and a finite selection of promotional offers for bettors which reward returning customers more than new ones (although there is a new customer offer too).

It still caters well to the UK market, though, as long as you won’t miss horse racing. In fact, if you take football as an example, you can find close to 400 markets for a Premier League game – and that’s pre-event before all of the live betting options come into play. That is some serious market depth right there and a good barometer for what to expect elsewhere.

Of course all of the popular sports are there:

  • Cricket
  • Golf
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Darts
  • Ice Hockey
  • Rugby

But the selection of niche sports is more impressive here than at many other bookies, and especially when you consider that the sportsbook is not even a decade old. You can bet on events as diverse as:

  • Biathlon
  • Bandy
  • Futsal
  • Floorball
  • Go
  • Alpine Skiing
  • Rugby Sevens
  • Sailing
  • Surfing
  • Water Polo
  • …even esports including FIFA!

There are thousands upon thousands of events to bet on at Betboro, so choice will never be an issue.


Betboro Multi-view

Neither should navigation be.

Despite the site’s more serious, professional design and appearance, it does a great job of putting things in an order that makes sense. There is a lot to look at so it’s not the most friendly site to start with if you have never placed a bet before, but it will feel intuitive to most. The option you need usually shows up just as you realise you need it.

It’s also great to have so much information up front. Betting lines that qualify for combinations will be marked, bets that feature cash out will be marked, the number of events available in each category will be evident. It all helps you to flow through the site without any false turns or dead ends.

The other thing about this website is that there are a number of different ways to view it; dashboard view, event view, classic layout, Eastern layout, a combo of the two. It just means that the user has a bit of choice as to how they operate and this flexibility should make the site appealing to a wider customer base. Multi-view is an especially useful option when live betting.


USP Unique Selling PointIt has to be the fact that this is an international site that is so good for live betting.

The availability of live events and the diverse range of where these events are taking place, coupled with great live betting features that are implemented on a near faultless interface make this a tough one to beat for the serious in-play bettor.

I think the overall tone of the site is a USP in itself actually.

It feels almost like a trading platform when you are using it and I don’t know about you but that makes me feel like a pro, which I like.

Payment and Support

Payment optionsLast but not least, the nuts and bolts.

A healthy selection of payment methods should suit all but the most picky of bettors needs.

To add to this, the processing time for withdrawals on all methods in just 12 hours.

The bar is really high here for a company who aren’t exactly in the big leagues yet.

The banking basics are outlined in the table below:

Method Min/Max Dep Min/Max With
Visa/Mastercard £10/£500k £10/£500k
RapidTransfer £1/£10k N/A
Paysafecard £1/£10k £1/£10k
Skrill £10/£500k £10/£500k
Neteller £10/£500k £10/£500k
Bank Transfer N/A £10/£5k

Customer service is available 24/7 but only online, so you can’t call through, but it’s great that they never close. The FAQ isn’t amazing, though.

Betboro say their core principles are:

  • Customers always come first
  • Your satisfaction drives our business
  • We will always strive to improve your betting experience

And I think they are living up to that so far. Changes have already been made to improve their service (support wasn;t always 24/7, for example) so it’s clear the company are building themselves up as they go.

That means that, with any luck, you can expect even better service as time goes on.

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