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Moplay - Closed

Addison Global, the company behind MoPlay, had their UKGC license and Gibraltar operating license suspended on the 19/02/2020.  This follows over a year of financial uncertainty at the brand that recently lead to them being taken to court for unpaid sponsorship deals with Manchester United and Watford.

Difficulties in securing funding from major US shareholders combined with a failed restructuring meant licensing authorities ran out of patience with the company unable to demonstrate its financial health.  Authorities finally suspended the licenses to ultimately protect customers.

On the 24th February MoPlay was declared insolvent and have stopped processing withdrawals.  MoPlay only had a basic level of deposit protection which means customers now are not guaranteed to get their money back, you can read more about the suspension and how to get your money back in our what happened to moplay article.

MoPlay is, as you might guess from the name, a mobile-first sports betting and gaming site.  This doesn’t mean it won’t work on desktop and tablet, just that it has been engineered with mobile betting in mind; it is perfectly responsive on any device.

The site runs on the SB-Tech sportsbook platform, which suits the modern and stylish approach of this brand. SB-Tech are generally regarded as the best sports-platform available with a huge number of markets, features, and tools as well as being well suited to mobile betting.

MoPlay is a brand very much for the newer generation of online bettors, combining everything a modern punter needs in a smooth and seamless interface.  Everything about this company has been thought about carefully and executed in a targetted way, making it the perfect choice for the right kind of punter.

The brand is the first to be launched by Addison Global Limited (licensed in London, based in Gibraltar), and there is a lot of investment going into the company, which can be seen from the industry professionals they have recruited and their high start-up budget.  This includes early sponsorship of Manchester United and Watford FC.

Mobile: Their Flagship Product

MoPlay AppSince their mobile app is the main focus for the company, let’s start by having a good look at it shall we. There is a mobile optimised website too which is almost exactly the same aside from the odd design change, so I’ll talk about them both interchangeably.

Firstly, you can tell at a glance that this app has some money behind it. It looks fantastic, the design is stylish and contemporary and will appeal strongly to the new breed of bettor; it feels exciting and high-tech and ready for action.

It’s very smooth and responsive once the interface has loaded but I did notice that the initial load and further page loads could take a tad longer than is optimal, but you could never complain that it was a slow app per se.

It has loads going on too, which may well explain the odd moment of lethargy. You can access in game and pre-match stats, play fast markets, pulse betting, build your own bet with the flick of a switch from event view, all sorts. There is a lot of depth here.

And that’s just the sportsbook.

Quick links will jump you across to either the casino or the live casino, both of which are actually in the same place it’s just that the app will navigate to slots or live games for you to save a bit of time.

There are more than 150 games available on the app with a good spread covering jackpots, slots, live games, table games, etc., and the filtering options are more useful than usual too. You can view all games that run on the popular Megaways engine, for example.

Remember that MoPlay have only existed since 2017, so if this is their base line starting point, standards will only improve as time goes on, and that makes them one of the most promising new betting brands in years.

About MoPlay

Moplay SbTech Logo

There are three major types of new betting site these days, those that are set up by real-world bookies late to the party, those set up as full white labels on a budget that all look the same and those established by investment groups serious about breaking into a market.  MoPlay most certainly fall into that last category.

Addison Global Limited, established 2017, based in Gibraltar, and licensed from offices in London, own and hold the UK gambling licence for the MoPlay brand.  MoPlay is the first brand of potentially many from this company and they have clearly spent a lot of money on it.  It is not easy to break into the gambling market in the UK, but these guys are going to give it a damn good go.

They have played to their strengths by developing for mobile-first and aiming at the tech-savvy millennial generation.  Most older bookies are hampered by their history and so are always reverse engineering from desktop to mobile; MoPlay had no such worries and so in tandem with leading sports developer SB-Tech they have made something perfect for mobile and then upscaled it to work on any screen size.  I have seen and reviewed a huge number of new sites in the last 10 years and few have initially impressed as much as MoPlay – I expect big things from this brand.


MoPlay Hertha BerlinYou don’t sponsor Man United a year after opening for business unless you are serious about sticking around for a while. That’s exactly what MoPlay did and it brought them countrywide recognition. An expensive move no doubt, but one that paid off.

They tied this in with YouTube videos and social media promotions to really target that millennial target audience.

They have since gone on to become the sleeve sponsor of Watford FC and the global betting partner of Hertha Berlin, perhaps already planning to target the European market for fast expansion.

Sponsorship is a fantastic way to get your branding in front of thousands of people, and MoPlay clearly have the resources to go big.


As you would expect from a brand serious about attracting young tech-savvy customers, MoPlay have good banking options covering many eWallet options meaning faster withdrawals in a world where everyone wants everything faster.

Low deposit and withdrawal minimums of £10 take the strain off and low minimum bets of just £0.10 mean that bettors with limited extra money can make their deposits stretch further.

The maximum payout is also exceptionally high for a new site and some of their other win limits beat many of the biggest bookies that have been going for decades. The payout limits shown below are also daily not weekly or monthly:

Sport Maximum Payout
Tier 1 Other
Football £1,000,000 £500,000
Horse Racing £500,000 £250,000
Grand Slam Tennis £250,000 £100,000
NBA Basketball £250,000 £100,000
All Other Sports N/A £100,000

Impressive stuff.

Likewise, support is far better than you would typically get with a new brand, they have live chat and email along with phone and postal options available between 7am and midnight every day.  There is also a very active and useful Twitter (#MoveOnUp) and social media presence.

MoPlay Social Media

This is rare with newer sites, they all have accounts but most of them don’t look after them all that well, whereas MoPlay have a dedicated support account @MoPlaySolutions that – shock horror – actually replies!

Specials and Upgrades

This is a little corner of the market that MoPlay have quickly mastered. Those one-off long term bets that offer strong odds on interesting combinations.

During the run up to the Premier League season in 2019/20, they were running daily countdown specials like:

Moplay Specials


MoPlay Specials 2

These are great fun and hold a lot of value monetarily and in terms of how long you get to enjoy the bet for.

There are absolutely loads of these covering European leagues, the Ashes, ATP tennis, all sorts, and it’s in a constant state of flux so it’s always an interesting area of the site to browse.

Politics enjoys topical coverage here and in America, and well-known shows or awards ceremonies like Sports Personality of the Year are also available to bet on.



MoPlay Platform

MoPlay use the SB-Tech platform which, as Brian Clough might have said; ‘I wouldn’t say it was the best sports betting platform in the world. But it’s in the top 1’

Seriously, the platform plays a major role in the success or failure of any online sportsbook, it’s the interface that the customer uses to navigate the site and control their betting options so if it doesn’t work perfectly and innovatively the punter will go elsewhere.

It doesn’t have such an impact with the casino because by nature the casino is a simpler interface with fewer complex needs, although the power under the bonnet is evident when loading games – it doesn’t take long at all.

MoPlay have got the best out of an already brilliant platform here, and they have opted to include every extra sportsbook feature available.

  • Cash Out – End your bet early to quit while you are ahead or pull out while there is still some money to be saved.
  • Partial Cash Out – As above, but split your stake so some comes out and some stays in.
  • Odds Upgrades – Nice and simple, certain markets will have their odds boosted.
  • Bet Builder – Available on football and basketball, create your own combi bets for an events and get instant odds.
  • Fast Markets – In-play only. Bet on events such as corners, goals, and free kicks occurring in the next 1-5 minutes.
  • PowerPlay – Pulse Betting by another name. Bet on a goal in the next 30sec-5minutes and the closer the goal is scored to the end of that time limit, the more money you win. Proper heart pounding stuff.
  • Bet Blasts – Skyrocketing odds available an hour before the event in question but only for a limited time. Get ‘em while they’re hot.
  • Virtuals – Computer generated games and races that run every few minutes. Great for a little flutter while you are waiting for the real thing to start.

All of these features give the punter more flexibility with their betting, and most are exciting and adrenaline boosting too. Once again, the target market here is obvious.

MoPlay Match TrackerThe only thing they haven’t included in their package is live streaming, unless of course you count the live casino which obviously can’t function without it. In terms of sports betting though there is none.

This is an expensive addition to any sportsbook so it is usually the last piece of the jigsaw to fall into place, and it often starts with horse racing. Horse racing isn’t traditionally a sport that attracts the younger generation so it makes sense that MoPlay aren’t too concerned with this yet.

The game visualisation that takes its place is really great though. Its full of info and stats on the game in question, and it’s the most graphically impressive match tracker of all of the major platforms if you ask me.

Should You Bet Here?

Gamer Thumbs UpIf you have the latest gadgets and enjoy being at the forefront of new technology and innovation then chances are MoPlay will be right up your street.

It’s a sportsbook first if you ask me; although the casino is a top quality product with a good spread the number of games is relatively low just peaking above 160, and the promotions are all aimed at bettors rather than gamers.

ESports fans can find plenty to work with on an international scale, but it’s football that is the main focus here as you can tell from MoPlay’s sponsorship history. Plus, all of the specials seem to sit in this category. They cover everything else too; golf, horse racing, cricket etc., and in-play tennis is seemingly never off the live betting interface, but the football market is clearly their main target.

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