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Genting Bet - Closed

Genting Malta Limited (GentingBet) took the decision to close all licensed operations with effect from 23 August 2021. Genting Malta Limited (T/A GentingBet) ceased trading through its sportsbook on 16 August and its online casino on 23 August 2021.

The best way to describe Genting Bet is a world class casino with a fully equipped sportsbook. This is really a betting site for those that want access to top sports markets with good odds, features and offers, alongside top end casino games.

The brand is over 50 years old (est 1965) and you may recognise them from their worldwide land based casinos and resorts, around 50 of which are in the UK.

Genting Bet is bigger than pretty much every other casino-sportsbook, and certainly better than many new dedicated online bookies. There is a lot of knowledge and a lot of backing behind Genting Bet making this sportsbook superior to most ‘new sites’.
It’s a great site for the unfussy bettor, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement though.

About Genting

Genting Bet LogoGenting is a massive Malaysian company that operates casinos, theme parks and resorts all over the world.  They even own a ton of land and plantations and invest heavily in bio-tech, IT, property and even cruise ships.

The company was established in 1965 by Malaysian businessman Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, and after initially growing the company as a leisure brand the group expanded to the massive conglomerate it is today.

From a customer perspective this means the operator is heavily backed with both money and experience, a lot of which they can afford to pass on to the punter through good prices, deals and features.

Genting offer customer services based in the UK (24/7), a choice in excess of 300 online games (from a range of software providers) and access to real casinos in every major city and town, including Resort World in Birmingham.  The VIP service from these guys is truly exceptional if you can get onto it and you can receive linked rewards for online and offline play.

As a sportsbook alone Genting is decent, but as an overall brand this operator is a gambling giant one stop shop.  If you don’t like big corporations then this may not be the brand for you, if, however, you quite fancy the benefits that come with such a well resourced and established brand then look no further.

The Perfect Punter

Genting is a huge brand but they aren’t trying to sweep up every corner of the market with their sportsbook. Instead, they are focussing and the core members of the betting community, those who like to bet on big competitions and popular sports.

You’ll find around 25 sports categories in the A-Z and, as you can see, only a few stand out as niche:

American Football Aussie Rules Baseball Basketball Boxing
Cricket Cycling Darts Football GAA Football
GAA Hurling Golf Greyhounds Handball Horse Racing
Ice Hockey Motor Sports Pool Rugby League Rugby Union
Snooker Tennis UFC Volleyball

This proves once again that Genting Bet is the perfect place for the average British bettor that wants the best of both worlds, sportsbook and casino, without all the obscure sports that they were never going to be on anyway clogging the place up. At the same time, there is plenty of variety and one or two left field options thrown in.

Market depth is good for the sports that are offered, especially in the most popular sports like football which covers the whole world and even delves into the minor leagues for a lot of countries.

Genting Bet Website

This is also a good place to bet for people that don’t want to invest too much time or mental energy into it, those that want to get the bet on and then enjoy it rather than agonise over every little decision. FSB provide the platform and are known for supplying a simpler interface to make the experience as hassle free as possible. That is certainly the case here, and punters can log on and get a bet placed in seconds thanks to a clean layout and obvious selection options.

By the same token, Genting Bet don’t confuse the process by offsetting below par odds with lots of different offers. The odds are average across the board and don’t tend to fluctuate too much, and the offers they do promote are kept nice and simple so you won’t need a maths degree to work out where the best value is.

In-Play Stay Away

Genting Bet In Play

We would say the in-play betting is functional at best, so if you want all the bells and whistles and fancy graphics then, in the words of Shania Twain, it won’t impress you much.

This isn’t to say there is anything wrong with it per se, it’s just basic, like a tin of supermarket own brand chopped tomatoes – the colour scheme is similar too actually, red and white.

There is plenty of availability; for example, at 9am on a Friday morning there is tennis, darts, golf, rugby, cricket, basketball, and football on display, and in general the fixtures will cover everything from U19’s football games to headline tennis matches.

This issue for us is that there is no live streaming, very limited cash out availability, and not even any in-play graphics. If this was a start up brand it would be understandable, but knowing the resources available to Genting Bet we feel that they could easily improve here if they wanted to.

On the positive side it is extremely easy to use and functions highly, with odds updating all the time. You won’t struggle to find your bet either as there are multiple filtering options on the main interface and in event view.


Genting Bet Casino

It would be odd not to cover the casino in more detail since this is what the company is best known for.

Besides the physical casinos that exist in towns and cities throughout the country, they also run an online version that puts many others to shame. It’s superbly designed with just the right amount of pizazz to keep it exciting without straying into bawdy territory; it has a more mature vibe to it than a lot of others.

It offers a well curated list of over 300 quality assured games rather than flooding the lobby with any old rubbish, so it holds a sense of pride in its offerings and provides plenty of convenient ways to browse what’s on offer.

There are plenty of slots, a great live casino with the best live dealers in the business, a selection of jackpots and a good variety of casino games like roulette, blackjack, and video poker.

If you bet and play casino in equal measure then you have to consider using Genting Bet.

Cross Product Thinking

Genting Bet VIPGenting are making the most of what they have to offer by linking their two main products wherever they can. For a start, your wallet is the same for both products so you won’t have to fund them differently. This is more common now but used to be a real pain.

The VIP scheme, Genting Black, is another example; it will take into account your betting activity in both the sportsbook and the casino, and allows you to choose how you are rewarded to some degree. So if you had a busy month betting on the World Cup, for example, you could use the benefits from all of that activity in the casino if you wanted to.

There are also offers that straddle both products. Obviously these can change as and when the casino see’s fit, but in the past there have been offers that reward sports bettors with free spins when goals were scored in certain matches. It’s a good way to encourage cross product activity and makes a nice change from the usual promotions that you see everywhere.

What Have We Missed?

Genting Bet MobileLet’s quickly shoot through a few other bits and bobs that you might want to know about. Speed round coming up:

  • Mobile App – Yep. It’s just as simple to use as the desktop site and you won’t miss out on any of the features by using it. If you would rather not download an app the mobile site is optimised for small screen use.
  • Best Odds – Available on all UK and Irish horse racing between 12.00pm and 9.30pm. You would hope so really from a company this size.
  • Virtuals – As well as a number of horse and greyhound racing feeds there is a World Cup football and cycling. It’s a decent product visually and there’s always something going on, but some of the commentary needs work.
  • Support – 24/7 via live chat and e-mail and there is also a call back service available. You could also go to your local branch of the casino too we suppose.
  • Banking – Surprisingly you are limited to debit and credit cards. This is a very odd choice for such a huge company but again, they are going after the average punter. If you prefer to use ewallets and the like then look elsewhere.
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