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Where Can You Gamble? Places You Might Not Expect That Offer Gambling

las vegas airport slotsWhen you consider the places that it is possible to gamble, the likelihood is that you will conjure up thoughts of casinos, betting shops, bingo halls and arcades. And they are all very much definitive answers to the query of where gambling is available. But what about places outside of these obvious options?

Does anywhere else provide gambling services for people to engage in? Perhaps you aren’t comfortable with going to gamble in a huge land-based casino or bingo hall. Could there be smaller, more appropriate locations for you to visit instead?

Also is it appropriate for these places to provide gambling, are there sufficient protections in place, how are games kept away from minors, etc., Join us as we take a look at the various places around the UK (and potentially abroad, too) where you can get involved in gambling.

While You Wait for Your Flight

Passports and Map of the WorldEveryone knows how stressful airports can be, and this is heightened even more so now with increased rules and necessities surrounding flights. Once you’ve succeeded beyond the check-in desk, you’ve dropped your bags off, been frisked by airport security and managed to navigate the passport control area, though, there is an element of calm before you get on your flight.  Therefore, it is hardly surprising that many airports allow people to play casino games while they wait.

Gambling is well-regulated across the United Kingdom, and this has allowed it to also be introduced to the airport scene. London’s Heathrow airport is the country’s busiest and largest, and it still provides space for slot games. And it’s not only that one that provides casino games. Grosvenor Casino can be found operating within Luton airport, with both slot machines and video games being present. This re-opened on May 12 following the UK’s initial lockdown. Meanwhile, an on-site casino is also present at Birmingham City airport, which is operated by Genting.

Stanstead airport, on the other hand, has its own bookmaker outlet from Coral. Within that store, you can both place sports bets and play a variety of slots machines, video poker, and more.

It’s also the case that international airports have their own casinos for you to enter, should you be visiting them. Locations like Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport and Reno-Tahoe in Nevada both provide customers with the opportunity to play games.

At Your Hotel

hotel desk bellPerhaps you’ve decided upon a staycation for the foreseeable future like so many other Britons. If that’s the case, then maybe you’ll be looking out for a hotel by the sea, or one based in a big city, or perhaps one in the quiet countryside. Whatever the case may be, many hotels provide gambling opportunities away from home.

While it’s true that some casino brands have their own hotels, such as the Genting Hotel in Birmingham or the St Giles Grosvenor Casino in London, some hotels actually just include a casino section for guests to access as a sort of add-on.

Previously, the well-known hotel in Mayfair The Ritz had a casino which closed its doors when the country’s lockdown rules came into effect. Unfortunately, it never re-opened once rules were relaxed, leaving its members quite devastated at the outcome. It had been operating since 1998 and had hosted top-profile celebrities including Al Pacino, Johnny Depp, and the former President of the United States Bill Clinton. Even before the pandemic hit though, the casino known as The Ritz Club, had not managed to turn a profit since 2016.

The majority of casino hotels can be found within the capital city, but if you look beyond the United Kingdom, various hotels around the world also come with their own casinos attached. A visit to Monaco and the Monte Carlo Hotel is one such example.

On a Road Trip During a Service Stop

motorway service station arcade gambling area

When you’re travelling across the country via car or coach, for example, it is not uncommon to need comfort stops along the way. The motorways of the country have their own fair share of service stations that cater to people, with toilets, restaurants, cafes, children’s play areas, and other areas of relaxation. Essentially, drivers get to take a break from travelling on the open road, and any passengers get to stretch their legs at the same time.

It’s also the case that many motorway services in the United Kingdom have their own gambling areas, too. It is the case that different service stations are owned by different companies. In the end, it will be down to the owners as to whether or not a casino or arcade section is integrated into their options.

Welcome Break is one of the largest providers of motorway services across the country. Amongst other locations, the company has gaming facilities at its services based in Burtonwood on the M62, Gretna on the A74(M), Leicester Forest East on the M1, Membury on the M4, Oxford on the M40/A40, South Mimms on the M25/A1(M)), and Warwick on the M40. These establishments and more provide Welcome Break Gaming, which is the company’s arcade sector, offering electronic gaming and gambling machines. The company admitted that this section of their services is aimed at lorry drivers taking a legal rest break, and that it is quite the profitable operation for them. The entertainment centres themselves are actually provided by Playnation on behalf of Welcome Break, though.

Another company possessing motorway service stations is the Moto brand. Included within their gaming sections are options like the popular Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold slot and Luck of the Irish. As well as standard slot machine games, jackpot terminals are also available to access within them. Moto possesses service stations in Barton Park on the A1, Cardiff West on the M4, Frankley Southbound on the M5, Kinross on the M90, Rugby on the M6, and Tamworth on the M42, amongst various others.

In The Pub

pub fruit machineThe chances are that if you have a local pub that you frequently visit, you’ll have seen a few slot machines included on the floor. This is a common occurrence across the United Kingdom, with guests grabbing themselves a few drinks and feeding coins into the machines.

It is usually the case that the options available within a pub are quite limited when you compare them with hotels or airports. This is because most pubs are a lot smaller than other establishments. Rather than occupy space with gaming machines, these places like to provide tables, chairs, bar space, and so on. In this instance, you will usually find two or three machines available to play on within such establishments. Often times, these will be fruit machines that adhere to a more traditional game setup.

Pub fruit machines usually operate as compensated slots, though. And these differ to the standard random number generator machines found elsewhere. A compensated machine notes what has occurred on previous spins, even if they have been made by other players. If a machine has paid out lower than its average RTP rate, then it will become a looser game in order to try and even things out. The same is true in a converse situation, with a machine tightening up for a period to balance payouts.

While You’re Abroad a Train

woman waiting to catch a trainIt’s time to move away from the UK shores and take notice of some locations abroad that provide you with the possibility of gambling. And perhaps nowhere is more intriguing to engage in gambling than when onboard a train. Let’s say that you’re on the way to Las Vegas where gambling is here, there and everywhere. Why not start your experience early by travelling on the X-Train?

This luxury train gives you the chance to travel in style whilst enjoying casino machines. The X-Train launched in 2011, taking passengers from Los Angeles, California to the Nevada capital of gambling. Onboard the train alongside the casino games is a sports bar, giving you the chance to keep track of all your favourite sporting events as well.

The train itself travels at a top speed of 79 miles per hour, and the journey between LA and Vegas takes approximately 5.5 hours. A total of 371,000 passengers per year can enjoy the luxury nature of the casino train, and there are also plans in place to build a glamorous hotel at the train station, too. Known as The X Hotel, this will be operated under a Rio Hotel gaming licence. Phases three and four of the X-Train brand include upgrading 100 miles of track for increased maximum speeds and reduced journey times, as well as national expansion.

In Virtual Reality

virtual football

Not specifically being restricted to the United Kingdom, it is possible to gamble in virtual reality already. Various casinos have already introduced a virtual version of their platforms, with developers adapting their game creations to cater to this world, too. With the advancement of technology, players will likely be able to gamble in various locations virtually, thanks to the efficiency of a VR headset.

It’s also the case that some video games have introduced casinos for their players to enjoy. Take a look at Minecraft for example, or the casino that is accessible in Grand Theft Auto Online known as The Diamond Casino & Resort. This operates as a real casino for some players, depending upon the laws of the jurisdiction that they are in. Gamers can control the main character and walk into The Diamond Casino, deposit money into their online account and use that for playing roulette, blackjack, and so on. You can see a variety of slot machines inside the casino too, placing you in the virtual Grand Theft Auto Online world for your casino gameplay.

And speaking of virtual casinos, the official Slots Million site has also launched its own virtual version of the online platform. Players can access this either through a VR headset for full immersion or through a desktop computer in 3D mode. This allows you to see other players wandering around the casino floor, playing games, and more. You can then use your deposited funds to load one of the 40+ slot machine games up, which spreads out to fill the entire screen or VR headset. Operating as the first UK casino to do this, Slots Million has definitely paved the way for other casino brands to follow in suit.

And with VR technology improving every single day, the possibilities for this are only going to get better. Higher quality graphics and animations, a better selection of games, stronger and more affordable VR hardware, and more will all contribute to a much more popular and successful virtual casino world.

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