What Happened to Bet On Brazil


Bet On Brazil have not disappeared, rather they have been rebranded and relaunched as Sport Nation as of summer 2017.

The original Bet On Brazil brand launched to coincide with the European Championships in 2016 as a football focused online sports betting site centred around their brand ambassador, former Scotland international, Spurs and Ipswich footballer Alan Brazil.

Alan was enlisted as more than just an ambassador for the site, rather he was (and still is at Sport Nation) integral to the brand.  The former footballer and TalkSport presenter provided daily tips, opinion and new features that set the company apart from the crowd, particularly for football bettors.

Why Have Bet On Brazil Moved to Sport Nation?

bet-on-brazil-2BOB enjoyed a lot of initial successes in attracting footy punters in particular.  They immediately set their stall out as a proper sportbook for proper punters with high value loyalty accumulator and in play bet clubs and high stakes offers in general.

Unfortunately beyond football the bookmaker was often lacking and this was the primary motivation for the rebranding to Sport Nation.

Sport Nation runs on the SBtechs sportsbook platform and this allows the company to now bring customers over 30 major sports along with thousands more betting lines pre-match in play.  The new package also supports cash out and a range of new casino and live casino features making this a more complete online betting and gaming site.  The site still has all of the great footy features that made the Bet On Brazil name popular, but is now supported by many more markets and a better interface in general.

The other reason, I believe, that the original name was rebranded is due to a lack of recognition.  Alan Brazil was certainly a great footballer and radio presenter, but frankly if you are not a Scot, a Tottenham fan, Ipswich fan or avid TalkSport listener then many will not have heard of him, especially newer generations.  I think it makes sense to keep the man as the brand ambassador but re-launched the site with a name and package more applicable to a wider audience.

In summary if you you liked Bet On Brazil then don’t worry you can now get everything and more at Sport Nation.

What About Your Old Bet On Brazil Account?

If you are already a BOB account holder then you will no longer be able to access it through the old URL.  Instead you must now visit Sport Nation where you can login using your existing username and password.  You will however be asked to change your password for added security.

Any funds that are held in your account will be there when you login to the new site.  likewise any open bets should transfer over, if not contact SN (help@portnation.bet).  Any pending withdrawals should also occur normally, but if not contact supports (10am to 10pm 7 days a week).

You will not be able to see your old betting and transaction history however this is available from support on request should you wish to have a copy.