Novelty & Special Betting Offers

NoveltyMost of the best betting sites in the UK now offer all sorts of lines covering novelty bets and specials. This market is growing in popularity with more competitive odds and many offers now available from UK online bookmakers.

These bet types range from wagers on TV shows such as X-Factor, Big Brother and Strictly Come Dancing to betting on awards ceremonies such as BBC sports personality, The Oscars, The Emmy’s and many more. You can also bet on all major politics from the UK and the rest of the world including who will be the next party leader, mayor, which way the EU referendum will go, etc. Depending on the bookie you will find a novelty bet for most things including who the next pope will be to who will win the chess world cup.

Also covered in this section are special betting offer promotions that are not categorised by sports such as cross product deals (e.g. bet on sports for casino free bets) and other special markets. Below you will the very latest novelty bet offers and further down more detailed descriptions of regular promotions available for special bets.

Latest Novelty & Special Bet Promotions

Celebrity Big Brother – 2nd Place Offer
Money Back up to £25 if your outright pre-event winner finishes 2nd
X Factor Money Elimination Special
Bet on Elimination market, if your pick is announced safe first refund up to £25
Strictly Come Dancing 2016 Elimination Offer
Place an elimination wager, if your pair announced safe 1st stake back to £25

Major Events

General Election
Every 5 years, sometimes more often, we all bcome gripped by Election Fever

Regular Specialist and Novelty Deals

Betfred 2nd Place Offer

Betfred regularly offer second place money back offers for major British TV competitions. These include X-Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, Big Brother and many more. Money back usually to £25 if your outright pre-tournament bet finishes runner up. When available you will see the specific offer in the latest offers above..