Boxing / UFC / MMA Betting Sites & Offers

boxingBetting on boxing, or any fighting sports, is often seen by many as a sideshow to the mega sports such as football and horse racing, however when you think about it punting on the winner of a fight is a far older form of gambling than any other sports. You can easily imagine two early humans wagering a flint axe to a sheep skin on the winner of a bout.

The rise in online betting over the last 25 years coupled with newer forms of professional fighting, such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and other mixed martial arts (MMA), means you can now bet on any big fight, anywhere in the world, with most of our bookies.

With so much money sloshing around in modern day professional boxing, and UFC, you would expect to see some good betting offers and this is certainly the case. For big fights, you can now get refunds on match, round and other betting markets as well as sign up specials, free bets and more. All the best promotions when available can be found on this page with details further down of some of the more regular, reliable longer term deals.

Money Back and Free Bet Offers

Betway – Money Back Offers

A very reliable betting site for all major fights, Betway gives punters refunds on all losing bets for all sorts of reasons, depending on the fight and the discipline.

Examples include money back if their selected fighter (usually the favourite) wins by knockout or technical knockout. Money back if the fight goes the distance (or to a certain number of rounds. Refund if knocked out early, etc. The best thing about these deals is they often return stakes up to £50, which is much higher than similar bookies deals.

Coral – Round/Match Betting Refunds

Coral run all sorts of promotions for boxing. All of their major deals and gives money back on stakes up to £25 (min £5) usually if a certain fighter wins. In UFC for example it is common for Coral to pick a fighter and give stakes back for losing round or match bets if that player wins on points.

Certainly always worth visiting Coral to see whats available in their promo section before betting on the fight. If you don’t have a Coral account they will often run enhanced odds sign up deals too on big fights, you can find these, when available, on our home page.


Boylesports – Stake Back Specials & Free Bets

You can always rely on an Irish bookie for good offers on big fights. Boylesports run several different types of promotion depending on the fight and fighters but it is common to see deals such as money back if the fight goes the distance, refund if the match up doesn’t last 3 rounds and more and bet £20 on the fight get £10 free.

Do pay Boyle’s a visit to see what they are running before placing any bets. All refunds tend to be up to £25.


Betfair – Double Odds Deals

Betfair is the classic place to go for enhanced odds. Commonly get double the winnings on stakes up to £25 (extra winnings in free bet tokens) if a scenario happens. This might be the bout not going past the first round, a knockout, etc.

Betfair don’t always have very good odds but they are worth a look for their boxing and UFC offers, I’ve never seen a big fight where they haven’t run a good deal.

Best Boxing, UFC and MMA Bookmakers

Best all rounder for market range and depth, offer availability and advance odds. Must have this bookmaker in your betting portfolio if you bet on any fighting sports regularly.
If you are a new customer then Coral have crazy enhanced price promotions that can be found on our home page when available. Also good for round betting refund offers.
Another great bookie for boxing and UFC betting deals. These tend to be higher value than others and come with generous terms and conditions.
The range of markets is frankly unbeatable for fighting sports. Not always the best price but then sometimes this is the only place offering that line. Advance ante-post bets too.
Founded in the 1800’s Ladbrokes have been around for every major fight in history and so if you want an experienced bookie with gigantic markets there is not better.
Sport Nation is aimed at higher stakes punters with offers that apply up £100’s rather than £10’s. Great bookie for boxing due to the generally bigger wagers seen.
You can’t beat an Irish betting site when it comes to backing a big fight. Not my favourite personally but they have some very good offers that are worth a look for sure.
A sister bookie of Real Deal Bet and a good option if you want the same kind of boxing and MMA cover but you also want to bet on other sports when fights are not on.
Reliable for an offer at least. Also consider Betfair are the biggest exchange in the world so if you like to lay bets on fights this is really the only place to go.

Boxing Betting Guide

Betting on big fights is either best done way in advance on ante-post markets or very close to the fight when the bookies are competing the most.

Outright win markets, as with most sports, offer the best value for money, both in terms of odds prices and offers. Many sites will run these lines at cost, or even a loss, to get you through the door in the hope you will then place more bets.

If you want to bet well in advance as soon as the fight is announced (fights can be announced over a year in advance) then you are best going to someone like William Hill who offer an expansive range of these bets. Remember however that odds can drift out just as easily as they can drift in and whereas ante-post betting on boxing can be very profitable if you spot the next star early, it can also be less profitable.

Round Betting

More popular now than ever, particularly in play. Many sites provide money back promotions for round bets, such as ‘money back if the fight goes over 6 rounds’, etc. Worth shopping around for the best prices as these vary more than the outright lines.

You can not only bet on which round a fighter will win in, you can also bet on how this will happen. For example, Fighter X in the 5th round by technical knockout.

Round bets can also be found in groups, e.g fight to end in rounds 4-6. Again you can bet on the type of decision within these groups.

Backing the fight to go the distance can also generally be round within the round betting market.

Win Method

Bet on a knockout (KO), technical knockout (TKO), draw, technical draw, submission, disqualification, etc. This can be done overall or within a round.

These markets rarely provide the best value and so it is worth having accounts a few good boxing bookmakers and then comparing the lines for value. If you are looking for an offer on this type of bet then have a look at Betway.


More relevant for UFC and MMA where there are multiple fights on at the same time. If you do want to place an acca consider bookies with all sports acca insurance, bonuses or free bets.

You don’t just need to put outright result bets into these accumulators, you can also do round betting, method of victory, etc within an acca.

Special Markets

There are now tens, sometimes hundreds, of special markets that cover all sorts of eventualities. Some of these include whether a fighter will get a blood injury, if the boxers will try to hit each other in the weigh in; you name it, if you can think of it there will be a bet for you.

Remember with many big sites (such as Sky Bet) you can also request bets, so if you have an idea then ask for the odds. Don’t however expect these wagers to be the best value.


Boxing and MMA are two sports that can have huge variation in the maximum payout offered. If you are backing a standard football match you can be sure that the payout rate will probably be tens to hundreds of thousands, do not however assume this to be true for fighting sports.

The best bookies will pay out up to a quarter of a million on a big boxing fight. I have seen smaller bookies with caps as low as £1000. Please do check if placing either high stakes bet or small bet with big odds (e.g. a large acca).

Live Streaming

It is rare to get live streaming of top boxing because the pay per view market is cornered by the big TV stations. You can get streaming of MMA quite often form the big broadcasters such as Unibet, Coral and William Hill.

Very occasionally Sky fights will be offered through a bookie, it may be something like ‘Bet £20+ on the fight and watch the fight for free’.