Boxing and UFC Betting Offers

boxingBetting on boxing, or any fighting sports, is often seen by many as a sideshow to the mega sports such as football and horse racing, however when you think about it punting on the winner of a fight is a far older form of gambling than any other sports. You can easily imagine two early humans wagering a flint axe to a sheep skin on the winner of a bout.

The rise in online betting over the last 25 years coupled with newer forms of professional fighting, such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and other mixed martial arts (MMA), means you can now bet on any big fight, anywhere in the world, with most of our bookies.

With so much money sloshing around in modern day professional boxing, and UFC, you would expect to see some good betting offers and this is certainly the case. For big fights, you can now get refunds on match, round and other betting markets as well as sign up specials, free bets and more. All the best promotions when available can be found on this page with details further down of some of the more regular, reliable longer term deals.

Latest Boxing / UFC Betting Promotions

Double Odds If Fight Over 1st Round
2x winnings on stakes up to £25 if the fight is decided in the first round

Money Back and Free Bet Offers

Betway – KO or TKO Money Back
A very reliable promotion for all major fights from Betway gives punters a refund on all losing bets if their selected fighter (usually the favourite) wins by knockout or technical knockout. The best thing about this deal is it returns stakes up to £50 which is much higher than similar bookies deals.
Coral – Round/Match Betting Refunds

Coral run all sorts of promotions for boxing. All of their major deals and gives money back on stakes up to £25 (min £5) usually if a certain fighter wins. In UFC for example it is common for Coral to pick a fighter and give stakes back for losing round or match bets if that player wins on points.

Certainly always worth visiting Coral to see whats available in their promo section before betting on the fight. If you don’t have a Coral account they will often run enhanced odds sign up deals too on big fights, you can find these, when available, on our home page.


Boylesports – Stake Back Specials & Free Bets

You can always rely on an Irish bookie for good offers on big fights. Boylesports run several different types of promotion depending on the fight and fighters but it is common to see deals such as money back if the fight goes the distance, refund if the match up doesn’t last 3 rounds and more and bet £20 on the fight get £10 free. Do pay Boyle’s a visit to see what they are running before placing any bets. All refunds tend to be up to £25.


Betfair – Double Odds Deals

Befair is the classic place to go for enhanced odds. Commonly get double the winnings on stakes up to £25 (extra winnings in free bet tokens) if a scenario happens.  This might be the bout not going past the first round, a knockout, etc.  Befair don’t always have very good odds but they are worth a look for their boxing and UFC offers, I’ve never seen a big fight where they haven’t run a good deal.