All Sports Acca Insurance, Accumulator Bonuses and Free Bet Clubs

Sports Accumulator OffersThe accumulator is the most common type of multiple bet and is a particularly popular bet with UK punters. Remember the footy pools, for a long time Britain’s biggest betting obsession – this was effectively a draw accumulator that got us hooked on the idea of combining sections to enhance your winnings. In fact it was only in the last 20 or so years that the ‘minimum treble’ rule was abolished for football betting, up until this point every footy match bet was an accumulator.

Many of us prefer to trust our instincts and go for broke, forget full cover betting such as Yankees, Canadians, Lucky 15s and the like, pick your selections and hold on in there for the bigger win. UK betting sites know we love an acca and so pretty much all of them run a regular bonus, insurance or free bet offer either permanently or around top tournaments and events.

Accumulator betting is now available on many sports other than football with golf, tennis and rugby accumulator betting also becoming more popular than ever. If you want to place an acca on any sport these days you would be silly not to take up an offer. With so many different offers around how do you know what the best accumulator offer is? In this section we have created comparison tables for the main accumulator free bet, accumulator bonus and acca insurance offers so that you can find the acca deal that is right for you.

Accumulator Free Bets

Bookmaker Sport Terms Minimums Claim
Betway Betway All Sports Bet £25 & Get 2 x £5 Free Bets, Weekly 3+ accumulators, 2/1+ (overall) Claim
comeon comeon All Sports Bet £50-£250, Get £5-25 Free (Tiered) 2+ multiples, 2/1+ cumulative Claim
mansionbet MansionBet All Sports Bet £20+ & Get 2 x £10 Acca Free Bet, Weekly 5+ accumulators, 3/1+ (total) 1/2+ (leg) Claim
titanbet Titanbet Football £5 Free Bet weekly if you place 5 x £5 accas 4+ selections, 1/2+ odds/pick Claim
boylesports Boylesports Football £5 Free Weekly for 5 x £5+ Accas 5+ selections, 3/1+ cumulative Claim
Winner Winner Football 5 x £5 Accas/Week = £5 Free (awarded Mondays) 4+ picks, 1/2+ each leg Claim

Accumulator Editing Features

Bookmaker Sports Markets Selections Claim
ladbrokes Ladbrokes Football Pre-match & In Play 2 – 14 Claim
10bet 10Bet All Sports All Cash Out, Add to Bets Only 1+ Claim

Sports Accumulator Bonuses

Bookmaker Sport/Market Number Of Legs Max Bonus Claim
888-sport 888 Sport Any Sport 5 – 11+ 50% / £5k Claim
10bet 10Bet All Sports & Markets 6 – 15+ 60% / £10k Claim
coral coral Football 4+ 10% / £100 Claim
comeon comeon Football 5 – 10+ 30% / £10k Claim
sportnation Sport Nation Football 3 – 14+ 70% / £50k Claim
138 Major Euro Leagues 4 – 10+ 40% / £1k Claim
unibet Unibet Football 5+ 25% / £1k Claim
Winner Winner Football 6 – 10+ 50% / £5k Claim
titanbet Titanbet Football 6 – 10+ 50% / £5k Claim
Winner Winner Tennis & US Sports (NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL) 2 – 12+ 50% / £10k Claim
mansionbet MansionBet All Sports & Markets 5 – 15+ 60% / £10k Claim
titanbet Titanbet US Sports & Tennis 2 – 12+ 50% / £10k Claim

All Sports Acca Insurance

Bookmaker Sport/Market Number Of Legs Min Odds Max Refund Claim
William Hill William Hill All Sports 5+ 1/5+ (leg) £20 Claim
boylesports Boylesports All Sports 5+ 1/2 (leg) £20 Claim
Betfair Betfair All EDGE Markets 3+ Refund for < odds No limit, Real Cash Claim

Football Acca Insurance

Bookmaker Markets Number Of Legs Min Odds Max Refund Claim
ladbrokes Ladbrokes All Football 5+ 1/10 (leg) 3/1 (total) £25 Claim
Paddy Power Paddy Power Top Level Football 5+ 1/5 (leg) £20 Claim
BetVictor Betvictor All Football 5+ 4/1 (total) £10 Claim
Betfred Betfred Top Level Football 5+ 1/3 (leg) £10 Claim
Winner Winner Top Level Football 6+ 1/5 (leg) £25 Claim
Titanbet Titanbet Top Level Football 6+ 1/5 (leg) £25 Claim
energybet energybet All Weekend Football 4+ 1/5 (leg) £10 Claim Top Level Football 6+ 1/5 (leg) £20 Claim

Other Sports Acca Insurance

Bookmaker Sport/Market Number Of Legs Min Odds Max Refund Claim
Winner Winner NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL 5+ 1/2 (leg) £25 Claim
titanbet Titanbet US Sports 5+ 1/2 (leg) £25 Claim
888 Sport 888 Sport NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS, MLB 5+ 3/10 (leg) £25 Claim
Winner Winner Golf Euro & PGA Tour 2/3 Ball 4+ 1/5 (leg) £25 Claim
titanbet Titanbet Golf 2/3 Ball 4+ 1/5 (leg) £25 Claim

Types Of Sports Acca Promotions

There are three major type of accumulator promotion to look out for, accumulator free bet clubs, accumulator insurance stake back offers and accumulator bonuses. These do very different things and the type of deal you should take will depend on your selections, your confidence and what you want to win.

Acca Insurance does what it says on the tin, it protects you if one of your selections in your acca should fail to win. Punters often prefer this type of offer when they have a selection in their accumulator that may be more risky than others, this effectively mitigates that risk so if it does fail to win you will at least get your money back.

Insurance offers work best if placing accas with the minimum number of picks (usually 4-6), of course the more picks to add in the more likely more than one selection will fail to come in and the insurance value therefore decreases.

The accumulator bonus is a type of an enhanced odds offer. Here you will get a percentage enhanced win if all your selections do come in. This is a more profitable bet type than insurance but obviously doesn’t have any protection if one section does end up letting you down. If you are honestly confident that all your selections are likely to win then this offer type provides the best potential returns. There are a similar number of bonus deals around as insurance, however bonus deals are often tiered so you need to place large accas to get the top rates.  Generally if placing multiples with a lot of picks bonuses are better as the more you do the more you get extra if it does win.

Accumulator free bet clubs are a more recent addition.  These are most useful to those that place several accas each week and generally give 20% or more of your stake back to use as a free bet.  The best thing about these clubs is many can be used in addition to exisiting multiple promotions.  10Bet for example give bonuses on qualifying accas for the weekly free bet.

The type of acca promo you go for will simply depend on the confidence you have in your bet. Insurance offers higher risk management with lower returns and bonuses offer higher potential returns but more risk of losing your stake.  Free bets are best for those that want to place several bets a week and want to guarantee a freebie.

How To Win An Accumulator Bet

Betting Tips and How to WinAccumulator betting is relatively easy, pick some selections and if they all win get a cumulative payout that is much larger than any payout you would receive if you backed them all as singles. There are however some tips that can help when placing multiple bets that could help you to win more often.

  • Offers are genuine, use them – Bookmakers make more money form accumulator bets compared to other single bets.  The reason for this is each individual bet has a built in margin, this is how the betting company makes their profits.  When you combine several bets together these margins become additive, therefore the bigger the acca the bigger the bookie’s margin.  Accas are therefore relatively poor value, this is why sites promote them so much, but they are also fun and so punters still love to place them.  You therefore may as well use a promotion otherwise you are giving yourself worse value overall.
  • Large accumulators carry much more risk – While the odds of large accas, over six fold or more, can be very attractive to a punter these rarely come in. You will vastly increase your chances of winning if you place several trebles, 4-folds and 5-folds as opposed to say a single 10-fold bet. Of course your potential winnings will be lower with this strategy but you will win more often. Most acca insurance offers only require a minimum number of between 4-6 selections too so if you pack your bet with more selections than this you will be diluting the power of the offer. Bonuses on the other hand tend to have higher rewards for more selections. If placing smaller accas why not use the insurance and if placing lager multiples use the bonus?
  • Split your bets – Lets say for example you want to back all 10 weekend Premier League games in an accumulator and you have £10 to stake. One option is to punt it all on one 10 fold, this will give you huge odds and if you do it with some bookies you could get a huge bonus for this sized bet. The problem is this will very rarely win. Why not stake a smaller amount on the 10-fold, say £1, and then split your remaining £9 into smaller accas. Perhaps two five-folds and a couple of four-folds taking up an acca insurance offer? This way if the big one did come in you will still get a handsome payout but your smaller accas will mean you win more often and you can take advantage of both insurance and bonuses at the same time.
  • Don’t always back the win – If placing say a football acca remember there are more bets than win only bets. Bookies love the draw because no one backs it but the draw happens around about a quarter of the time in a low scoring sport like football. Backing draws also gives you much better odds overall massively enhancing any payouts. Consider other bets too with higher odds, such as to win and both teams to score, HT/FT bets, goalscorer bets, etc. You can place an accumulator on any of these bet types and with many of the best betting sites these bet types also qualify for the acca deals.
  • Use Insurance and punt for an outsider – The great feature of acca insurance is you can stick in a more risky bet to beef up your accumulator odds but at the same time mitigate some of the risk if it does lose. With smaller accas 4/5/6 fold it can really boost your potential payout by sticking in a selection with decent odds of around 3/1 or higher and you can always get your money back if your bankers win but the dodgy one doesn’t
  • Claim several deals in parallel – As mentioned earlier many betting sites offer free bet clubs alongside insurance or bonus offers.  This is a double (or sometimes triple) reward that can really add up for regular bettors over time.

Common Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions ApplyHere are some common T&Cs to look out for when placing acca bets.

  1. Number of Selections – Accumulator promotions usually have a minimum number of legs, 4/5/6 etc., be careful if you back a fold-fold acca with say an insurance offer and one leg is void your offer will not stand. If using a tiered bonus offers and one selection is voided you will drop down to the next bonus tier.
  2. Minimum Odds – Some acca deals have minimum odds either for each selection in the multiple bet or cumulative odds of the bet overall.
  3. Markets – Most acca offers are focused around football but many are acca deals are either universal or available for other sports such as tennis and golf, especially for big tournaments. Check this page regularly for all the latest deals.
  4. Bonuses and Free Bets – Check the terms of each offer to find out how promotional money is returned. For insurance promos most stake money is returned as a free bet that you won’t be able to withdraw, some return as promo cash however that can be withdrawn if you meet rollover requirements.
  5. Maximum payouts – Many deals will have associated maximum payouts. This is especially important when placing large accas that take advantage of high bonus payouts. There is not point placing a massive acca with a bonus deal if it is going to be capped anyway if the big win does happen.
  6. Qualifying Bets and Periods – For free bet clubs especially check the qualifying criteria.  For some you may just need to hit a total amount in the week (e.g. £25) but with others you may need to place a minimum number of bets (e.g. 5 x £5+).  These will also come with minimum odds and other restrictions.  Also check the qualifying period, don’t assume the free bet club runs for the whole week, it may just be bets placed Monday to Thursday, for example.